Before you send in an application to be on our staff team, you might want to first consider what being apart of our staff will require. If you don't think you're up for this or if you don't have the patience or time, then please reconsider your application.

You will be asked to be active while on staff as we are the people that help keep this website running smoothly and make sure that everyone is happy. There may be times that you are asked to join in on scheduled meetings to discuss events, problems or just to talk about how everything is working. If you are unable to attend the meetings admins will need to know at least a week in advance except for dire circumstances. You will have three strikes if you are absent a meeting until you will be removed from the staff team.

Along with activity you will also need to be patient and keep a calm composure when talking to people. If someone is yelling, cussing or spamming you will need to be able to handle the situation calmly and smoothly. Feel free to ask any admins for help if needed but try not to make a scene.

It is important that you have a working discord that you can regularly use as that is where we will be hosting meeting and interviews. We would like that you have a working microphone for your interview though it is not required. When meetings are held, we ask that you try and find a quiet spot where you will be able to talk and listen without many interruptions.

Finally you must be older then 14 years of age so that we can be assured that you are able to do the job that is required from you. If you are younger, you may still be on this website and have access to the forum but we ask that you don't request to join the staff team.

If you have any questions or concerns before posting your application message me or another staff member and we will assist you wherever we can.